Areas of Expertise

In the following areas I have scientifically founded knowledge.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation
  • Knowledge Representation, Self-Learning Systems and Databases
  • Critical Paths, Chances  and Risks in Software System Concepts


I offer professional services in the area of automated data processing and information technology, in particular the following services.

  • Design and Documentation of Software Projects
    • Analysis of Business Processes for applying Artificial Intelligence
    • Developing Concepts for System Architectures and System Adaptations
    • Designing Databases, Data Models, and Complex Queries
  • Development, Integration, and Maintenance of Software Systems
    • Software Development
    • Quality Assurance Methods
    • Optimization and Maintenance of Databases and Database Queries
  • Trainings and Seminars
    • Supporting Humans with Intelligent Automation
    • Possibilities and Dangers of Intelligent Automation
    • Adaptable, Adapting, and Explanation-giving Automation Systems

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