Publication “Partial Compilation of ASP Programs” at ICLP 2019

Another publication that I coauthored has been accepted and presented at the ICLP conference 2019Partial Compilation of ASP Programs“- it is about compiling ASP programs into C++ source code for more efficient evaluation of constraints that would be huge when instantiated as is usually done. The paper is published in the journal Theory and Practice of Logic Programming.

Two new Publications

My newest publications at the JELIA Conference are now online and describe the Hexlite Solver [author PDF] and a method for Domain-Abstraction in Answer Set Programming (with Zeynep G Saribatur and Thomas Eiter).

IMAP Plugin for Hexlite and BSc thesis completed!

I am proud about Andreas Schmidt, who completed his BSc Thesis “Plugin for Interacting with an IMAP Server from ACTHEX” about the new IMAP Plugin for the ACTHEX Fragement that is implemented in the Hexlite Solver. Congratulations!

Hexlite and Non-Ground Abstraction for Answer Set Programs accepted at JELIA!

Two papers where I am coauthor have been accepted at the European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence (JELIA), 2019.

  • The first one about the Hexlite Solver solver “Peter Schüller. The Hexlite Solver”.
  • The second one about abstraction methods for Non-Ground Answer Set Programs: “Zeynep G. Saribatur, Peter Schüller, and Thomas Eiter. Abstraction for Non-Ground Answer Set Programs”.